Articles Published on 2017-11-24

Good driving posture

Exciting road trip coming up or just commuting to and from work by car everyday? Do you often find yourself with pain or stiffness after a long drive? Then you might want to pay some attention to your driving posture.

Watch your posture while driving.

According to the American Driving Survey, the average American driver spends 294 hours behind the wheel every year. That is a significant amount of time spent in the seat of your car. Naturally, sitting in a fixed position for a long time is not good for your posture. However, there are some tips that can help you with your driving posture and prevent those stiff muscles.

The best position for your arms while driving is when you keep your elbows low and close to your body.

Tell us what you think about our tips in the comments below or on twitter. Keep in mind that safety whilst driving comes before posture!

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