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Science: What is the best way to improve your posture?

It is important to note that short-standing postural problems will take less time to correct than long-standing problems. Knowing what correct posture is and the conscious awareness of your own posture is essential in developing better posture. Practice and especially awareness will gradually help you replace your old posture and help you move towards a healthier body position.

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  • Short-standing postural problems will take less time to correct than long-standing problems
  • Awareness of your bad posture is essential in improving it
  • An exercise program is the best way to improve the posture of your spine and its mobility

In previous articles we’ve talked about what good posture is and why it is so important for your health. We’ve also emphasised the fact that awareness of your bad posture is essential for you to get some proper improvement. We understand that it is difficult to be constantly aware of your bad posture, especially when you’re working hard behind your laptop. If this is the case, try out our free Good Posture app to start working on your posture immediately.

There are a lot of different ways to improve your posture, and according to a study published in 2015, only one way is the best. The aim of the study was to compare the effects of different postural training interventions on spinal posture and mobility.

96 university student were divided into four different groups of interventions: - Electrical stimulation: electrodes are placed on your back to stimulate the back muscles - Exercise program: exercises to strengthen the postural muscles - Biofeedback Posture Trainer: device placed on the body to detect slouching - Postural education only: one seminar

All groups received postural education and all other interventions were carried out 3 days a week for 8 weeks. The researchers measured curves in the spine and mobility of the spine.

The researchers concluded that the exercise program was most effective in improving posture; it improved both spinal curves and mobility. Electrical stimulation and biofeedback only improved one aspect, such as sitting posture or thoracic curve.

The best step you can take to improve your posture is through exercise.

What are you doing to improve your posture? Are you using the Good Posture app? Let us know what you like about it in the comments below or on twitter!

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