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Standing Posture for stand up people

Think about your own standing posture for a moment. Is your back nice and straight or rather a bit hunched over? Your standing posture has a great influence on the way you feel, both physically and psychologically.

In previous articles we talked about sleeping and sitting posture; chances are you are in these two positions for the largest part of your day. For most people, the upright position comes in second place when it comes to most frequent body postures.

Standing posture at a lake

Why you need good standing posture

When you have bad standing posture, you are putting excessive strain and tension on your muscles and joint; this can contribute to all sorts of postural pains. The reason why you need good standing posture is because it keeps your body perfectly aligned so that everything, from your muscles to your bones, is used properly.

You need good standing posture because it keeps your body aligned so that everything is used properly

How you should stand

To help you get a better sense of what good standing posture is, we want you to picture yourself as seen from a distance; we’ll start of by viewing yourself from the side. Now picture an imaginary line that stands vertically on the ground. The following parts of your body should be on this imaginary line when you see yourself from the side:

We’ll be doing the same when viewing yourself from the back, but we’ll leave the imaginary line out of the picture.

Now that you know what good standing posture should look like, we’ll give you some tips so you can get to work!

We hope you got a better sense of what good standing posture is and that you will use these tips for your own health benefits. Please let us know in the comments below or on twitter if you have any complaints concerning standing posture and how you deal with it!

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