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Sit up straight: What is good sitting posture?

You want to know what good sitting posture is?

You’re probably sitting right now and not thinking about it. You could sit before you could walk, and that is probably why you haven’t given your sitting posture too much thought since then. Until now, and that’s good. Good posture is very important for your health and we will give you some easy tips to help improve your sitting posture.

Relaxed sitting posture

Why you should improve your sitting posture


  • Good posture is when your body is in a natural position
  • The most important step to getting a better sitting posture is evaluating it
  • Use the points below to improve your sitting posture

So why would you want to go to all the trouble of improving it? Maybe you’re concerned about your bad posture or you even experienced some pain. When your body is in an unnatural position it puts pressure on your muscles and skeleton, giving you pain. Good posture is when you have your body in a natural position so that your muscles are relaxed and your joints are not stressed.

Take the example of holding your neck in a hunched over position. Your muscles are stretched out, the bones in your neck are pressed against each other and your ligaments are tensed. This is all very unnatural and when you’re in this position for a large part of the day, you will get neck pain and headaches.

Now you know what posture is and when you have good posture; the next step is for you to have a good look at the way you are sitting right now. We’ve written up some points that you can use to see if your body is in a natural position.

Good sitting posture is when:

The most important step to getting a better sitting posture is evaluating it.

Are you supposed to follow all these steps with great precision? Ideally yes. But of course we’re not saying that you should keep this checklist on you at all times. But if you follow these steps you will make sure that your body is in a natural position. The most important step to getting a better sitting posture is evaluating it.

Need help getting started?

You can use the points described above and check your own posture from time to time. What we don’t want you to do is finish this article and forget all about your posture; you need some help paying attention for it to improve. A good way to do this is to set reminders and see how your posture is at that moment. Our good posture app does exactly that, so give it a try.

So there we are; you’ve got enough information and support to start working on your sitting posture! Do you have bad posture? Or have you already fixed it? Let us know how you tackled this challenge in the comments below or on twitter.

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